Digital Signage


  Digital Signage is a versatile marketing tool that allows you to display promotional materials, play videos, add pictures, stream live TV,  pull real-time content from RSS feeds and display HTML websites. Digital signage messages can be easily customized, changed out quickly, and can be delivered to several displays at once.  The authoring software allows you to quickly and easily update content. Digital signage is used in educational institutions like schools to minimize clutter and confusion, alert staff and students to emergencies, share information and increase interaction. Today, there is a seamless communication between mobile instruments and commercial digital signage as new emerging technology is bridging the gap between them and thus engaging users.

Digital content is displayed in one of the following formats:

With digital signage you can design multiple layouts that rotate your information throughout the day. Using a built in scheduling tool, you can even choose to play certain media at specific times, targeting a specific audience at any given time.  Connections for the media player to content server can be a wired Ethernet connection or by use of a wireless Wi-Fi networking. The connection used from media player to display can be VGADVIHDMI, or Component video connection.



*The digital signage market was valued at USD 16.88 Billion in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 27.34 Billion by 2022. –

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