Email and Internet Safety Tips

Email and Internet Safety Tips


• Be aware of suspicious emails. This includes not opening email attachments or links from unknown sources.  Attackers will usually try to imitate regular business transaction emails such as fax, voice mails, or receipts. (If you receive an email that you’re not expecting, it’s best to ignore it. Try to validate the source of the email first before clicking on a link or opening the attachment.)

• Back up your files. Cloud storage technologies such as OneDrive for Business can help with features such as built-in version history that helps you revert back to an un-encrypted version of your files

• Keep your security products and other applications up to date.

• Keep Software up to date. Attackers are taking advantage of unpatched vulnerabilities in software to compromise your machine.

• Update your plug-ins Most of the exploits target vulnerabilities found in browser plugin applications; such as Java and Flash.

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