The Rise of the Solid State Drive

Technology has made some incredible leaps over the past decade. It can be hard to keep track of it all, and even more difficult to know which ones are stable enough to be reliable.  Some would argue that the biggest stride the technology boom has brought for computing is in the form of the solid state drive (SSD).

Solid state drives are the replacement for the old, clunky hard-disk drive.  Hard drives are not as complicated as one might think, it’s literally a read-write mechanism that looks similar to a clock hand, along with a large metal disc that spins rapidly.  When you think of the clicking of a hard drive, it is the write mechanism that is writing data onto the disc inside your computer.

Solid state drives remove all of the metal hardware, instead it stores everything on the drive in digital form.  Solid states use integrated circuits to lower the read-write times to almost near-instant speeds for many tasks.

Although the technology has been available for quite some time – just in the past year or two has it become affordable to justify replacing general-use computers.

Many Businesses (even those with a large office staff of 200+ ) are having their IT teams upgrade all computers with the SSD’s before the end of the year.  These companies conclude that it is enough of a productivity increase to justify the spending.

When the technology was first released, you were looking at a minimum of around 300$ for a solid state drive.  Thankfully, that price has been dramatically reduced in the last few years! Today, you can purchase a reliable SSD for much less –  However, you don’t want to go too cheap (pick a reliable brand name)  you are still only looking at an investment of around $100-150.

By: Steven Schorn

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