The Future of Wayfinding; Indoor mapping navigation

From corporations and healthcare facilities through airports and college campuses, organizations in almost every industry use directory solutions to improve how people find what they need. Just as airports have enhanced the traveler experience by using interactive touchscreens, so have many hotels. The advent of virtual concierge systems and interactive directories have enabled people to learn about the area – find out what local activities or events are available.   Educate your audience with  a virtual concierge— Keep the audience updated with local info in real time! Give them information on the local culture and history of the area as well as directing them towards important landmarks and points of interest.

Interior Wayfinding Works in Two Ways:

  • The first is similar to Google Maps and involves using a touch-screen panel to enter the location in a search box and get directions.

  • The second method uses Bluetooth technology to “ping” the user’s location off their smartphone in order to track the location and help the person find their way from start to finish.

Whether it’s a Single-story office building, a large  stadium, or any other facility, helping your audience get from point “A” to “B” with wayfinding technology creates a beyond easy, interactive experience for any audience – anywhere!





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