Digital Signage: Let the past explain the present

How will using your existing marketing material help your company?

One of the most important reasons to use your existing material is because it already exists! The content is already available to you and ready to be re-used!

Another huge benefit of using existing content is for Brand continuity. All of your current and future campaigns should always have some trace of what has worked in the past. Having a unified branding approach will ensure your brand’s style, colors, images, and typeface are the same across all mediums (printed, digital and online). Having this Brand continuity is especially useful when re-purposing your existing content using cross promotion through different media channels. Your company needs to have the same look across all channels – this helps consumers easily identify your brand. For example, if a company’s website looks completely different from the videos posted on their YouTube channel and digital screens, it creates a lack of brand continuity – which can be confusing for the customer.

Brand continuity is essential for success because it helps businesses reinforce their image.

Re-purposing existing marketing content will not only save time, it will also be more effective in reaching your desired audience. 











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