Cloud Storage 4-1-1

What is the Cloud?

A new contender has appeared in the form of “cloud storage.”  It has grown rapidly in popularity as businesses and individuals learn just how convenient it is to be able to have an internet-based storage medium. Storing data for business networks has always been a difficult task over the years.  Balancing security, speed, and reliability was a difficult thing for many businesses to balance, especially with a strict budget.  Local servers are power-hungry, attention-craving beasts.The cloud is a network of servers (fancy name for network-connected device or program that controls access for clients).  This network of servers can be used for many different purposes, such as controlling access to a service or providing storage hosting over the internet.  Chances are, you’ve come into contact or possibly even used the cloud without even realizing it.  Some of the popular cloud software include iCloud by Apple, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft OneDrive among many others.

Is it secure?

Storing highly-sensitive personal information in the Cloud is still somewhat of an avoided practice.  Many of the mainstream providers, such as Google, offer encryption for files that contain sensitive information, but the technology is still too new for many companies to be comfortable with having their sensitive data stored online.  Overall, the Cloud is a great resource and asset that many people can take advantage of, in their business or personal lives.  As the technology grows, I believe it will become directly linked to most if not all of our electronic devices.



Advantages of using the Cloud

From a business perspective, the cloud presents a massive financial benefit.  Not only will they no longer have to spend costly amounts to maintain a local network, but they will be able to adjust their storage capacity and pay for only the amount that they are currently using. To expand on that – if a company requires access to more resources, such as an accounting software like QuickBooks, or a customer-relationship program for tracking leads and sales queries.  Both of these software’s are provided and hosted over the cloud, meaning you can have near-instant access to their system and not waste any time on software installations on local machines.


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