What are people saying about Marcor Technologies?


“As a small business owner that wears many hats, I am always looking for strategic partners that can provide support in areas that are weaknesses for our team. Rob and his crew are responsive to our needs and provide us with the support that we need and as a result we are able to focus on what we do best!”

- Butch K.

“I notice that they always ask questions, then listen before determining the best solution to issues that arise. That is an exceptional quality for any business!”

- Dave S

“Marcor Technologies does an outstanding job. They always find a way to say ‘YES’; they’ve never turned down a reasonable service request, even if it wasn’t on the day’s agenda. Also does the work asked of them right away. They are the “go to” resource that makes life easier for those of us that are less techie.”

- Fred B.  

“Marcor has worked hand in hand with our small company as we have grown. They are informed, cutting edge and always there to help. We have been in some major pinches and Rob has pulled us out of the fire every time. Only the highest marks for Rob and his staff at Marcor.”

- Rick B.

“Rob and his staff have always given us first rate service. Everyone is very knowledgeable, prompt and professional.”

- Scott R.

“Rob has always responded in a timely and professional matter.”

- Steve R.

“I am so appreciative of the level of quality service from Marcor along with their genuine friendliness”

- Steve Y

I love Marcor

- Therese, Idea Marketing Group

Phone: (630) 796-0640


2272 95th St., Suite 200.  Naperville, IL 60564